What we look for

Those who go beyond acquiring basic knowledge and understanding and being able to apply that understanding to solve problems or deliver high-end results.

Amiable professionals showing high moral standards that apply fundamental truth in their business foundation to deliver superior customer service.

Demonstrating original and creative thinking to deliver refined work in conception, conventions and presentation with close attention to accuracy, detail and beauty.

A mature company for a specific product, service, process or platform that continues to grow and develop their customer base throughout the years.

A respectable and recognized name associated with positive qualities and traits based on client experiences and engagement that consumers have expressed publicly.

Consistently delivering aesthetic excellence in products or aesthic experiences in the perception of clients, end users and the general public.

Platforms Serviced

Wix, Velo by Wix and Editor X

WordPress Design and Development

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Android, iOS, Javascript and more

Squarespace, Weebly, Duda, Webflow and more

“It is an honor to be featured in this private marketplace.  Being accepted by Elite Design Experts affirms that my passion for my work enables me to create real value.” 

Jessica P.
Crescent City Designs Unlimited

We only showcase 15 experts

If you want to be considered to join this small elite group of members please contact us today.

Elite Membership

Exclusive marketplace listing with private dashboard

Unlimited online bookings

Two-way calendar sync and full management control

Unlimited product & service listings

Online payment with transaction notifications

MailChimp, Zoom, Meet and Zapier integrations

*Membership to our marketplace is free.  If you decide on accepting online payments we charge a small commission of 5% and a standard payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

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